Under Fire Miniatures news and updates

     Welcome to Under Fire Miniatures. We are a company selling 20 & 28mm scale figures for wargamers, modelers & collectors. Ranges cover World War II to the Present Day and will be added to as and when the production moulds come on line.

     February Updates

      January just gone saw the release of the first two packs of my new range of Angolan Goverment troops for the 1970's to 1980's. FAPLA 1 is a 'fighting' pack with two figures with AK47s and one each with a RPD & RPG-7, all in firing poses. FAPLA 2 is an 'active' pack with four AK47 armed figures, all in moving poses, one of whom is a leader figure. Later in the year I hope to release more infantry and support weapon packs for this range.

      Later on this month will see the release of the fourth pack of 28mm West German figures in the form of 28mm West German Bundeswehr pack 4. This is a Milan atgm team, consisting of post commander, gunner, loader, the Milan itself and several reloads for the weapon. Please keep an eye on this site and the Under Fire Facebook page for release information.

     My next commission is currently being crafted and will be in with the sculptor by mid February. It will include more Syrians, FAPLA and 28mm West German Landespolizei. Again, watch this space and social media for updates.