Under Fire Miniatures February news & updates


Just (re)released   

 Back on sale after the SNCO figure had to be repaired is the 28mm Russian Motor Rifle Infantry 2: PKM pack. This pack contains four figures, two of which are PKM lmg gunners. The other two figures are a SNCO pointing and 'encouraging' others to "Go there, shoot that !" and a infanteer patrolling with a AK74.

28mm Russian Motor Rifle Infantry 2: PKM

Link to the online store where this pack can be bought is below...


All figures are scaled for use in 28mm sized games and cast out of white metal. If customers have any questions I will happily answer them.

In other news

Just sent off to be production moulded are two crew served weapons packs for the Rhodesian Bush War range. These are a .50cal and AGS-17 team.

Being remoulded are Taliban packs 2. 3 & 4. With the SPG-9 rcl of Taliban 4 having had it's legs redone.