What's on the Under Fire to do list.   

Coming Soon... 

 1/ South West Africa: Following on from the successful launch of my new line of Angolan Govermant troops there will be at least one more infantry pack and support weapons in the form of a recoiless rifle team and automatic grenade launcher team.

2/ Spanish Civil War: The Republican LMG gunners, armed with French Chauchat LMG, are currently held back and will be released sometime in March.

3/ 28mm West German Landespolizei: This year I intend to release three to four packs of LandesPolizei to compliment my existing range of 28mm West German troops. Following on will be more Warpac packs.

2017 Plans and Thoughts

Going into 2017, I hope to have completed my 28mm Cold War West German and 20mm South West Africa ranges. I will either be reinforcing the sucess of these ranges, or creating a new 20mm range of British, American, Chinese and Japanese* packs for the war in South East Asia, Dec 41 to May 42.

Watch this Space

* plus Commomwealth, Dominion and Dutch packs too.