Riever 2025

Riever 2025 is a fictional timeline set in the near future 3 years after a hypothetical Unilateral Declaration of Independance, or UDI, by Scotland in 2022.

It's purpose is to provide you, the gamer, with a setting and scenario's in which you can use the militia, police, PMC & spec ops packs I will be releasing for it.

This setting is currently a work in progress and a provisional timeline will be published later on this week.

At the moment four packs are available...

 Riever 1: Police pack 1.

Riever 2:Police pack 2.

Riever 5: Urban Militia pack 1.

Riever 7: Countryside Militia pack 1. 

As you can see, space has been left to add more Police and Militia packs as they are released

...and can be found in the 20mm scale Online store. A link to the store can be found below. 


 Riever 2025 Timeline


The Labour party win the 2020 Genral Election. Increases in armed forces capability put on hold.


P.M.'s determination to achieve consensus through talks and negotiations leads to a drawdown in overseas commitments and genral drift as firm decisions are not made. Percived and actual neglect of Scottish interests and people during an economic downturn gives a clique of SNP ultra-nationalists the reason they have been looking for to declare a Unilateral Declaration of Independance (UDI). They begin planning accordingly, starting with the dramatic replacement of current SNP leadership during the 2021 conference season with a more radical and nationalist leadership cadre which issues demands for a new referendum on Scottish idependance to be held immediately.


'The Big One'. After winning a snap referendum Scottish UDI is declared, taking government and the country by suprise. However, all does not go the nationalists way. Many Scots are appalled by what has been done in their name giving only the most grudging consent to  what has been done and the Rosyth naval base becomes a militarized enclave, supplied by air, or sea. Chaos too in the U.K. armed services, as Scottish personel leave to 'go home', or are forced out due to suspicions over their loyaly. Scottish police force badly affected as non scot & 'not scottish enough' scots take the hint and leave for the south. Economic dislocation not as bad as had been feared as banks and large firms adopt a wait and see policy and continue to act as though the U.K. is still whole. The new nationalist government is busy establishing 'facts on the ground' with the formation of a new Scottish Armed Forces and border force, although equipment shortages mean that these forces exist more on paper than in the real world.

Drift in U.K. Government response. A commitment to negotiation mean that force is, perhaps sensibly, not going to be used to reunite the country. However, a lack of firm leadership sees the new Scottish government able to play for time to cement their postion in place.

The new nation of Scotland is recognized by Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran and Canada. Other nations adopt a 'Wait and See' approach.


Despairing of the slow pace of talks a vote of no confidence is called. It passes with a large margin, many Labour MPs, despairing of the poor leadership they have seen, vote against their leader. A snap election sees the conservatives regain power under the leadership of the now prime minister Boris Johnson.

Scottish Army now taking shape in the form of two light infantry brigades stationed in Edinburgh & Glasgow respectively.


The 'One Month Republic'. Emboldened by the sucess of the Scottish nationalists, islamic extremists declare an English Caliphate in West Yorkshire, comprising Bradford, Dewsbury and parts of Leeds. Ove a period of one month precisely it is utterly crushed by a combination of lack of popular support, special forces and an increasingly paramilitarized Police. This causes a simmering resentment in many communities in England who feel that too much blood was shed. It also serves warning to the scottish government that this new PM means business and his business is the renuification of the U.K. By all means necessary.

Ultra left elements now openly agitating on the streets to regain the power they so recently lost.

Rapid increase in the defense budget and the Army. Light Infantry units predominate.


The 'New Scottish Republic' is now established. An understandable desire to avoid bloodshed and a higher than expected (by the rest of the U.K.) level of support for the project mean that the time needed to establish 'facts on the ground' was present and these 'facts' in the form of the Sottish Army, Scottish National Police Force and the Independent Militia companies are making their presence felt around the Faslane enclave and on the border.

Reduced police numbers, an embryonic border protction department and a desire to tweak the noses of the English means there are an increasingly large number of cross border raids by criminal gangs, mainly to steal farm machinery and high end vehicles.

The 'Hot Trod' pursuits of these gangs sees the start of skirmishes between the rump U.K. and the NSP mainly in the form of fights between the police and the independant militia companies.

The First Shots

The Borders

A police 'hot trod' of car thieves across the border prompts the involvement of an independant militia company and Rump U.K. Light Infantry force.

The 'Reds'

Crying foul at their recent loss of power and status, the far left takes to the streets in increasingly violent demonstrations.

The 'Greens'

Resentment and a siege mentality, caused by the fallout of the events of 2014's 'One Month Republic' mean that armed groups strike out in revenge for punitive measures.

Rump U.K. Armed Forces

The Army

Many vehicles are bought, or requisitioned from civilian ownership. There is a rapid increase in Army infantry units, with vehicles being brought out of storage. However, there are problems due to the poor storage, cannibalization & maintenance of these vehicles along with a shortage of domestically produced ammunition. The last being caused by the closure of many U.K. Ordnance factories.

The R.A.F.

For the purposes of this timeline recon a/c and helo's only. Attack jets deployed only if Faslane is attacked, or if there is a major cross border incursion. In the meantime the R.A.F. Is still recovering from the loss of it's Scottish bases

The Royal Navy

Currently recovering from years of cuts. Staying at arms length of the 'Northern Problem' as the Scottish UDI is sometimes called. However, several inshore patrol vessels built for Gulf state clients have been requisitioned for Faslane convoy protection duties, the Navy's one point of direct involvement in the current crisis.

Rumors of submarine landed special forces incursions are robustly denied.

The Secret State

Along with many in the Rump U.K the government's security apparatus is still coming to terms with what has happened. Many find it difficult to view the scottish as the enemy and many cross border contacts have been made, or maintained. However, enough personel have left to 'go home' that there are some doubts about the loyalty of those who stayed. What those who left took with them is yet to be full determined.

M.I. 5

Expanding to manage increase in Red and Green activities.

M.I. 6

Setting up new networks in Scotland


Business as usual.


Republic of Scotland Armed Forces

Slowly being formed out of the chaos and dislocation of the last three years the armed forces of the scottish republic are split into three elements.  They are..

 The Army

Currently consisting of two light infantry brigades. No.1 (Scottish) Brigade is the larger and most well equipped of the two and is currently based near Glasgow keeping an eye on the Rump U.K. enclave around the Faslane naval base. No.2 (Scottish) Brigade is currently completing muster and training but suffers from a shortage of euipment.

The Army is primarily a light infantry force but strenuous efforts are being made to aquire more armoured vehicles, along with the spare parts, training and ammunition to use them effectively. These efforts form the main part of the embryonic Scottish security services overseas efforts.

There are a handful of armoured vehicles and artillery pieces but they suffer from a lack of spares and ammunition.

 The Independent Militia Companies

Analagous to the Army Reserve south of the border. Civilians who put on uniform when needed. Considered to be more politically reliable then their regular counterparts. What they lack in numbers and equipment they make up for in enthusiasm.

There are five independent companies that have been raised to date. Each consists of four rifle platoons and a small command, logistics and support element.

 The Navy

Non existant. Some fisheries protection vessels have been pressed into service as border patrol vessels but such funds as are available are being concentrated on the Army.

The Air Force

As above. Whilst in possession of all former R.A.F bases any aircraft that the R.A.F. was unable to evacuate were and remain unserviceable. Some light to medium lift helicopters available for transport and border patrol duties.


The Secret (Scottish) State

 Currently under formation. Main efforts are the aquisition of more modern weaponry and ammunition, plus the rooting out and removal of Rump U.K. spies and traitorous elements within the new republic.